Discover what you should leave at home if you are going to travel to Cuba

Drones with cameras, pornographic materials, GPS: find out what else you should leave at home if you are traveling to Cuba

Even if you’ve never set foot on a plane before, you can surely guess what kind of things you can not bring with you on a trip. Live animals are a clear no, unless it is a registered service animal. Of course, illegal recreational drugs are banned, even if you travel to a place where certain medications, such as Amsterdam, are allowed.

There are even some strange restrictions in some countries. If you fly to France, you will see signs that remind you that fake designer products can be confiscated. The French certainly want to protect the integrity of their luxury industries, so leave your fake YSL sunglasses at home.

Some interesting items on the list that should not bring to Cuba.

When you visit the Caribbean nation, there are some things you simply should not carry with you. If he is found to be carrying these things, he may still enter the country, and yet these goods will be confiscated and he will not see them again. You will not receive compensation either, and your travel insurance provider is unlikely to help you as these items should never have been packed in the first place.

So when you are packing for your Cuban adventure, what should you leave at home?

Certain types of literature

Regardless of their own opinions regarding the political history of Cuba, it is important to understand that most Cubans are very proud of their nation and have respect for their government. If you plan to bring Cuban-focused reading materials with you, it is important to make sure you do not bring anything that has a particular bias.

While the government is not immune to criticism, it must be careful to bring something that has a particularly negative or aggressive view of Cuba’s recent history. It is not as if Cuba is governed by a totalitarian regime, but the authorities could frown on literature that is considered too critical, and this includes books and magazine articles.

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