The American dream is DEAD!!!

american-dream-deadThe 2016 presidential elections are without a doubt a clown show, anyone who says otherwise is simply lying.

We are supposed to be the best and biggest democracy in the world and instead we are learning as each day passes that the system is rigged, is rigged for the little guy but it works perfectly for the rich and powerful. If you have money in the United States you might not now what it feels like to be discriminated, jailed or criticized. Money buys power, and unfortunately it buys politicians as well. We live in a country where politicians prefer to fill their pockets and don’t really care about the poor or the middle class.

The rules were created not to pick the best candidate possible for the highest and most powerful office in the world, but basically pre-chosen by elites and powerful people and the american people are left with the illusion that they have a say in who gets to be president.

Case in point, Senator Bernie Sanders who ran as a tough contender and ended up losing to a rigged system, a system that was designed to remove those that did not fit the agenda of the democratic party. The american dream has always been about choice and freedom, I believe we are losing that everyday.