Big robots are being built in Cuba

Alejandro Pérez Malagón, a graduate in Automatic Engineering at the José Antonio Echeverría Polytechnic Institute in Havana Cuba, is dedicated to the line of robotics research and is in charge of coordinating the different researches that are done in robotics in this research center.

Alejandro Perez Malagón, says that generally in Cuba, it is not known that many things are done in the area of ​​engineering and that among those things that are done are Robots or as Malagón says robotic platforms.

The working group that Malagón directs has created robotic platforms so far.

During the development of the projects, theses have been elaborated to determine the mapping and localization variables required by robotic platforms or Robots, which are essential variables, when robotic platforms require to move in a certain space.

So far it has been designed a console where you can send instructions to the Robot for it to execute, for example can be given the instruction to turn around a table, through sentences that are written as instructions On a computer for it to run.

The instructions of the Robot, expresses Malagón is possible to do it through other means, such as instructions given through different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or making use of cell phones; Avoiding the limitation of having to be next to the Robot since the instructions in a given case could be given at a distance.

Malagón, with a vision of an Engineer ready to solve problems, expresses that he would like to work solving problems in the area of ​​precision agriculture, automated agriculture; Such as with precise instructions for Robots to plant, sand, water, among others, in specific areas and according to instructions.

Development and progress, with the contributions of this group of Engineers, who have the vision to participate and contribute with their knowledge in the most disas- tured areas and that in the very near future require considerable attention and great contributions for their country and for the world.

sources: todocuba